Colour Alchemy

February 2020 | Amsterdam | Netherlands | Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography | Exhibithion: FloraChromes

Residues Amsterdam by Arja Hop and Peter Svenson.

Hop en Svenson gathered wild plants that grow througout the city. Their project invites us to reflect on the spontaneous presence of plants that are all around, but which we seldom notice. Next to a series of black and white photo’s of the plants of Amsterdam they created this stunning matrix of 273 photographic colour fields. These are so called residue photographs of literally distillations of the capital’s flora. The colours arise from the nature of the material itself. The artists use the plant’s distilled pigment to make analogue prints. Each individual plant has its own characteristic colour tone.

Personally I was amazed that this gives a real warm colour palette where I expected a more green and nutral colour scheme.

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