A young couple from Switzerland asked me to re-style their house. They wanted to make it cozier and warmer. There were, however, many things that they did not want to give up and so had to be integrated into the restyling. This concerned carpets from the family and design furniture that had not come into its own before. A number of rooms had to be given an extra function. Like the guest room that also had to function as a meditation, yoga room.

Living room.


In the house it was common to take off the shoes at the entrance. Where this first happened balancing with one hand against the wall came a chair that was already present with a cupboard where the guest can place his shoes and where house slippers can be stored in a drawer.


Meditation annex yoga room.

The guest room was given an additional function as a meditation, yoga room. The carpet that was already present was an heirloom from the family that deserved an important place.


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