My consultancy style can be characterized by dialog. By asking questions, and understanding where an organization or brand stands, I determine together with my client what direction the organization, brand or product should take.

I create a context and provide clarity in order to prevent impulsive short-term decisions that do not serve the strategic goal. I make sure that all activities align with the long-term strategy, irrespective of what it concerns: product development, communication or store design.


1. Consultancy activities on brand identity and corporate strategy.

Analysing  a company's heritage and developing a brand identity rooted in its legacy. I work with companies operating in the mass market as well as in the high end luxery segment.

With my extensive knowledge of and experience with lifestyle and consumer products I help identifying a company's strengths and weaknesses by analysing  changes in the market place, competition, and today's trends.  

Together with management I visualise a company's future, develop new concepts that strengthen the brand identity, and create a roadmap to implement the new corporate strategy.

2.  Hands on development of product ranges and collections.

I am an expert on product styling, development and segmentation. Depending on the situation I either style products that strengten excisting ranges or collections within the company's own corporate identity, or I style products  that need to fit the design principles as stipulated in a licence agreement. 

Further in this proces I conceptualise packeging and graphic design identity to create a comprehensive image. 

3. Creating visual communications.

One identity requires one visual language. In the role as concept coordinator I translate a brand identity into visual communications material and I act as art director for photograpy, film, magazines, websites, social media content, and exhibition stands. 

4. Designing and styling of corporate spaces.

People need spaces to meet and connect. I help enterprises develop their corporate spaces. I visualise their corporate identity in 3d by choosing the best colours, materials , furniture and objects to decorate. But most importantly I aim to create an admosphere that vibrates the organisation's spirit.   


You can find a selection of my projects here.

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